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asked 3 days ago in by sarosh
Update on my case with Forensicpro -
Hello everyone, I was scammed by Trade99, which was distressing. I contacted Forensicpro and they have been greatly supportive. The person managing my case has been great and appears committed to ensuring my case get sorted and I get my money back. My case is still in progress, however feeling there will be a positive outcome.
Kind regards.

Update: I have gotten 70% of my money back. Simply unbelievable.

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answered 2 days ago by RickGilligan
I was trading with an online trading company, based in cyprus. I put all my savings in there. Managers from this company were calling me several times a day, telling me what to do, coercing me to put more money in there at the risk of loosing what was already there. They promised big profits. Besides i was never told how the company really makes profit. In less than 2 months i lost 95%.

When i first heard about forensicpro i did not have much hope of recovering the lost funds because i felt i was stupid in putting all my money in there. But after speaking to them they explained to me that my losses were the trading company profit. They could not at any time take trades for me, it is a huge conflict of interest. Besides the psychological pressure they did.

Forensicpro assisted me to claim my money back. They know the regulations very well and mechanisms of what to do to get the money back (legally) that i would never have imagined.

We are currently in the process of recovering the funds and I can proudly say I have gotten 60% so far. I am now confident since we have already recovered a significant amount. Moreover, they are comprehensive, as i was feeling pretty stupid for having put all the money into such scam in the first place, they also have recommendations for legitimate investments.

Forensicpro definitively has experience, knows how to get things done and they are very straightforward. I know my changes and i need to do my part but i could not do it without their support.

I found them from an article on The Times: Couple narrated an experience from an investment gone wrong.
commented 10 hours ago by Sarosh M.
Absolutely I agree. I have seen the article before, they helped me too from Carrera corp, they got all my money back.
commented 9 hours ago by ThuThu
Definitively a strong recommendation! And I was even more excited when i found out that they're regulated, they do everything in order to recover funds that you have lost in a fraudulent manner. All the best!
commented 7 hours ago by koderod
It was a tough decision to make but using their service to get my money back has really been the best decision.
commented 2 hours ago by linKodod
Being scammed out of your money is quite stressful especially if it happens online and it seems there is no hope of getting your money back. I got scammed by a CFD Trading Company online. This is where Forensicpro comes in. They are good and professional and in the process of getting my money back from the scammers because they have made some offers. I know it will be a happy ending. Will update as we make progress.

This is the update I promised. I have finally received a very good amount of my money back from the scammers. All thanks to Forensicpro but my special appreciation goes to John Martinez. I didn't have much confidence when we started but she's been great. She gave me hope and guided me all the way to a happy ending. I also say a big thank you to Ron Bullar for the initial help. I can finally sleep well at night.
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answered 2 days ago by topFdr
The cost of my service was significant, but since I have been able to recover my funds it was well worth it. The service was very efficient and thorough and I really thank Alice. I employed the service after I read the article on the times as well.

Couple narrated an experience from an investment gone wrong.

They worked really hard to get my refund back. Alice is my case manager and she was really helpful.